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My Story

It was a sunny but cold summer morning in 2010, atop the Fox Glacier in New Zealand. I was already the budding camera enthusiast of my travel group.

Wearing spiked shoes and climbing with a small group of fellow wide eyed tourists, I looked up to see a hand reaching down to help me with my footing.

'I'm a photographer', he said with the biggest grin on his face. 'I'm here shooting for some travel magazines.'

'Any that I'd know?' I asked, trying to hide a sliver of trepidation in my voice

He paused for a second, took my photo and winked at me before handing me the camera to stare in awe at the little LCD screen.

It was this day, my life changed. I wanted to be him. I too, wanted to say that I am a photographer.

A little exchange that gave me direction and purpose - and I've never looked back.


Auto-biographies are always a little weird aren't they? I will tell you this:

I love shooting portraits, but I also love learning to shoot other fields of photography. I like good, functional design, vibrant colour that stands out against industrial aesthetics and different perspectives.

Born in Sri Lanka, before my parents moved to Melbourne when I was just a year old. Travel and language are my vices, and I've been caught spending much of my free time trying to learn as much as I can.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked as an assistant to some of Australia's top photographers such as Samantha EvertonOlivia Naumov and Rena Harvey - and their wealth of knowledge has been a great inspiration to me.

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