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It’s been a while since my last post, but it’s been such a great start to the year that I don’t even know where to begin. This week has been full of shoots for me (with more to go!), so I thought I’d share the the first of these images.

I’ve been wanting to shoot with Eleanor from Brazen Models for ages. Everyone that I have met who has previously shot with her cannot stop raving about how amazing she is in front of the camera, and away from it. I found out firsthand for myself - what an absolute delight.

Between Myer castings, clashing dates, cars not being available and a plethora of other reasons, we kept having to reschedule over the course of a month - as well as amending our concepts, our styling and locations. I can safely say that I am SO happy with the final result and it was all worth it.

Special thanks also to Karina for being my lovely assistant on the day and also to Jess for making almost all of the clothes that we shot.

I’ve been trying to do something creatively and technically different for quite a while, and it was great to experiment a little with front bokeh, bending light. It was actually another photographer, Cam Mackie, whose work I stumbled across last year, who inspired me to try something similar in camera using bits and bobs to change the angle of light hitting my lens.

There is no compositing or any other photoshop work, asides from colour correction, adjustments and grading.

Will definitely be using some of this kit in upcoming shoots!

Model: Eleanor DartPhotography: Yasitha AmarasingheDesigns: Jessica Rebell
Assistant: Karina Patten

Kicking 2015 Off!

2014 has been a year of introspect for me. From a professional and personal standpoint, I faced a lot of changes this year (for the better!).

I took an extended break from photography and dabbled in some other creative fields such as film making, writing and content creation - all of which have helped me reassess the way I want to make not only images, but the way I tell stories.

Demi E @ Brazen Models

Perhaps the thing that kicked off this change in portfolio was working with the incredible Rena Harvey. Watching her work was completely different to the ways that I had been taught. Having the opportunity to ask her as many questions as I dared, and the knowledge she shared made me realise that my work needed to go in a new direction.
So here it is, kicking 2015 off with a brand new folio. My old stuff will still be around (lurking in the dark corners of the internet, probably) and I’m completely rebranding Project Artemis and changing it from a little hobby to a little venture - but stay tuned for more info on that when it’s ready ;)

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